[Telefilm: Glee] || Hard Blows
[Telefilm: Glee] || The Importance Of Being Nineteen
[Film: MCU] || He Was Caught In The Middle Of A Desperate Fight, And She Couldn't Find How To Pull Through
[Telefilm: Glee] || It's Never Dark Enough When You Don't Wanna See
[Telefilm: Glee] || Fucking Pollen
[Originali] || Your Own Personal Evil Mastermind
[Animanga: Free!] || Wicked And Divine
[Animanga: Free!] || It's Going To Itch And Burn And Sting (You Want To See What The Scratching Brings?)
[] || Lo Strappo Dopo Il Cerotto
[Telefilm: Glee] || Fields Of Gold
[Animanga: Free!] || The Rhythm That Yearns To Be Released From Control
[Telefilm: Glee] || It's Just A Minor Thing, And I'm A Minor King
[Telefilm: The 100] || The Sketchbook (Or How To Tie A Tie Without A Mirror) (In The Forest, With A Psychopath)
[Telefilm: Glee] || Hardness And Softness, Curves And Corners
[Originali] || She Burns Like The Sun, And I Can't Look Away
[Telefilm: Glee] || Love Is A Game But I'm Not Really A Player
[Telefilm: Glee] || Branches Stretching To The Sky
[Originali] || Sparks From Your Stare Cascade Into Mine
[Telefilm: Glee] || The Crashing Down Of Hollow Years
[Libri: The Mortal Instruments] || A Constant Reminder Of Where I Can Find Her
[Film: Disney] || Every Little Thing You Die To Hide
[Telefilm: Glee] || Dating For Genderfluid Kids, A Novel
[RP: Musica] || Fiori Di Cemento
[Originali] || Dan and Mads' Amazing Adventure
[Telefilm: Glee] || Sleep Twitches
[] || Growing Into Trees
[Animanga: Free!] || Daddy Dearest
[Originali] || La Casa Della Lumaca
[Telefilm: Squadra Antimafia - Palermo Oggi] || A Heavy Cross You Bear (A Stubborn Heart Remains Unchanged)
[Originali] || Love With Urgency But Not With Haste
[Telefilm: Glee] || Wrapped Around Your Finger
[Telefilm: Hemlock Grove] || And We Can Build Through This Destruction (As We Are Standing On Our Feet)
[Animanga: Free!] || Speaking A Dead Language
[Animanga: Free!] || Sugar On Your Soul
[Libri: The Mortal Instruments] || A Little Something I Could Cling To
[Libri: The Mortal Instruments] || Some Kind Of Secret I Will Share With You
[Telefilm: Glee] || Love Is A Game That Two Can Play And Both Lose
[Libri: The Mortal Instruments] || A House That Aches To Keep You Safe
[Originali] || L’Internet È Morto, Lunga Vita All’Internet
[RP: Calcio] || La Tragica Leggenda Dello Spirito Del Mal Di Pancia
[Telefilm: Glee] || Death Is A Force
[Telefilm: Glee] || Drifting To Sleep With A Moan And A Weep
[Telefilm: Game Of Thrones] || As Sweet As A Night Of Surrender
[Telefilm: Glee] || My Sweetest Downfall
[Animanga: Free!] || Read My Mind
[Telefilm: Glee] || Better Or Worse I Am Tethered To You
[Animanga: Free!] || A.D.I.D.A.S.
[Film: MCU] || It's Hard To Lay Arms Down In The Arms Of The One Who Lays You Bare
[Telefilm: Glee] || Walk Through The Fire
[Originali] || Critters Have Feelings
[Telefilm: Glee] || Nature Doesn't Heed The Call (Nature Just Commands, That's All)
[Originali] || Nico E Il Dottor B.
[Telefilm: Glee] || Hanging On A Tightrope
[RP: Musica] || The Boy Who Waited
[Telefilm: Glee] || Stuck Together With God's Glue
[Originali] || Il Gioco Della Candela
[Originali] || Quello Che Non Ho
[Originali] || Closer To Where I Started, Chasing After You
[Animanga: Free!] || Mirror Mirror On The Wall (Who's The Gayest Of Them All)
[Animanga: Free!] || I Love Shopping Col Migliore Amico Quasi Fidanzato Del Mio Migliore Amico Quasi Ex Fidanzato
[RP: Calcio] || Formaldeide
[Telefilm: Glee] || You're Pushing On, I'm Pushing Play
[RP: Attori] || L'Amore Nero
[RP: Calcio] || We Don't Need No Education (Or Do We?)
[Telefilm: Glee] || Paper Cup
[RP: Calcio] || Mon Tempo
[Animanga: Free!] || Invito A Cena Con Delitto
[Animanga: Free!] || Nightswimming
[Animanga: Free!] || Take Turns
[Animanga: Free!] || The Deal
[RP: Calcio] || The Unspeakables, Season 01 (El Canto Del Diablo)
[Originali] || Le Cose Perdute (E Ritrovate)
[Animanga: Free!] || Thunderstruck
[Originali] || All This And Heaven Too
[Telefilm: Glee] || Husband Material
[Originali] || Piume Di Struzzo
[Animanga: Free!] || A Wave Washing Over Me
[Animanga: Free!] || Cut Adrift, But Still Floating
[RP: Calcio] || I Don't Need To Hear You Say That If We Weren't So Alike You'd Like Me A Whole Lot More
[Animanga: Free!] || Thirst
[Animanga: Free!] || You Make A Sound, The Spell Is Bound
[Animanga: Free!] || La Natura Dipolare Dell'Acqua
[Telefilm: Glee] || Roots
[Libri: Via col Vento] || Forgiveness Is What Revenge Is All About
[Originali] || Standing At The Crossroad Of Highroads And Lowroads
[Libri: Via col Vento] || Angels Fight On Her Side
[Telefilm: Game Of Thrones] || These Are The Scars That Silence Carved On Me
[Telefilm: Glee] || I'm A Tree That Grows Hearts
[RP: X-Factor] || You Are The Northernmost Pole That Awakens The Compass Inside
[Telefilm: Glee] || Adam's Hands' Less Than Epic Adventures
[RP: Musica] || Living The Dream
[Telefilm: Glee] || Voiceless Screaming
[RP: Calcio] || Embrace The Past And You Can Live For Now
[Originali] || Forces Of The Unseen
[Telefilm: Glee] || Let's Put Our Strong Face On (And Go Right Through It)
[Originali] || Every Atom Of My Heart Will Be Missing You
[Telefilm: Glee] || Gradients Of Infection: Stage Four
[Telefilm: Glee] || You've Got Stuck In A Moment (And You Can't Get Out Of It)
[RP: Calcio] || Morning Wood
[Libri: Comunque Vada Non Importa] || It's Like Forgetting The Words To Your Favorite Song (You Can't Believe It)
[Film: Disney] || Poor Unfortunate Souls
[Film: MCU] || Coltiva L'Inverno
[RP: Calcio] || Unchained
[Libri: Cronache Dei Vampiri] || The Box
[Originali] || I Keep Looking For Something I Can't Get
[RP: Musica] || Regen
[Originali] || The Chronicles Of Minthe
[Libri: Cronache Dei Vampiri] || Mellow
[RP: Calcio] || A Shape For Your Fear
[Libri: Comunque Vada Non Importa] || This Is The End
[RP: Attori] || I Couldn't Find You A Present
[RP: X-Factor] || Love Will Tear Us Apart
[Telefilm: Revolution] || Graveyard Confessions
[RP: Calcio] || Wish Me Well (You Can Go To Hell)
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || Windows In The Sky
[RP: Musica] || 404
[RP: Musica] || Paura E Delirio A Las Vegas
[Telefilm: Glee] || Broken Heart Syndrome
[RP: X-Factor] || If There's Somebody Calling Me On (She's The One)
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || Only If For A Night
[RP: Calcio] || Per Tutta La Vita
[Telefilm: Glee] || Curiosity (It Didn't Kill The Cat, It Just Made It Horny)
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || Ritual Union
[RP: Calcio] || Lovegame (A Game With No Name)
[Telefilm: Glee] || Christmas Disappointment Leads To Lust Nonetheless
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || Got A Head Full Of Fever And It Feels Alright
[Libri: Comunque Vada Non Importa] || A Change Would Do You Good
[Originali] || Hopeless Wanderer
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || In Too Deep
[Animanga: Evangelion] || Time Is On My Side
[RP: Calcio] || Supergigante Blu
[Animanga: Evangelion] || Can't Say No
[RP: Musica] || Pick Me Up When I'm Feeling Blue
[Telefilm: Glee] || Pirates VS Conductors
[Film: MCU] || Wreckage
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || Here With Me
[RP: Calcio] || Nomen Omen
[RP: Calcio] || Somewhere Only We Know
[Originali] || The Games We Play
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || Eyes Wide Open
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || Down Memory Lane
[RP: Calcio] || Catene
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || Never Ready
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || Flushed
[Telefilm: Numb3rs] || P VS NP
[RP: Musica] || Geronimo!
[Telefilm: Glee] || A Lovesick Lullaby
[Telefilm: Game Of Thrones] || Winter Winds
[RP: Calcio] || Bullet With Butterfly Wings
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || Wicked
[Originali] || Shut Up (And Sleep With Me)
[RP: Calcio] || Hearts Gone Astray
[RP: Calcio] || I'll Believe In Anything
[RP: Calcio] || Heaven Coming Down
[Originali] || Winter Is Coming
[Telefilm: Game Of Thrones] || Good Riddance
[Telefilm: Glee] || Cut Me Off
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || You Can Sew It Up But You Still See The Tear
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || Feel It Break
[RP: Attori] || I Am The Promise And The Threat
[Originali] || Le Proprietà Magnetiche Della Materia
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || In A Broken Dream
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || I Can Live With Your Ghost, If You Say That's The Most That I'll Get
[Originali] || E Fuori È Buio
[Originali] || Spring, Summer, Winter & Fall
[Telefilm: Glee] || Time Is On My Side
[Originali] || Lovely On My Hand
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || It Seems Worse Than It Is (But Mostly The View Is Accurate)
[Originali] || Nothing I Wouldn't Do
[RP: Calcio] || Maybe We'll See That We Were Wrong, If Ever We Look Back One Day
[Telefilm: Glee] || Teddygate
[Originali] || Land Of Confusion
[Telefilm: Glee] || Fake It
[RP: Calcio] || Dichromatic
[Telefilm: Glee] || Calleth You, Cometh I
[Telefilm: Glee] || What Makes Them Different, Makes Them The Same
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || Everytime I'm Lost, I'm Always Finding My Way Back To You
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || Counting Freckles Like Sheep
[Telefilm: Glee] || The Beast
[Originali] || The Reason
[Originali] || Have A Little Faith
[Originali] || Threats
[Originali] || Nevermind
[Telefilm: Glee] || Prom Night
[Telefilm: Glee] || How Torture Works
[Originali] || Shards
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || Partly Here, Partly Gone
[Film: Disney] || Sol Y Sexo Y Sur
[Telefilm: Glee] || Skyhigh
[Telefilm: Glee] || Are You There Or Are You Gone
[Telefilm: Glee] || A Beautiful Sunset Mistaken For Dawn
[Telefilm: Glee] || L'Amore Conta
[Originali] || The Sun Won't Shine This Time
[Telefilm: Numb3rs] || I Served Time For My Addiction, I Pay The Price For My Affliction
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || We're In Ruins
[Telefilm: Glee] || Together We're Invincible
[Film: Disney] || Sweet Catastrophe
[Film: Disney] || Whatever Hurts You Through The Night
[RP: Calcio] || Principi E Principesse
[Film: Disney] || Un Bambino Vero
[RP: Calcio] || Hanging By A Moment
[Telefilm: The Walking Dead] || Fra Due Settimane
[RP: Musica] || Ghosts Don't Fade
[Originali] || Like A Frightened Child I Run From The Sleep That Never Comes
[Originali] || Let All The Hurt Inside Of You Die
[Telefilm: Glee] || Get A Dime To Buy Back Your Soul
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || Detentionstuck
[RP: Calcio] || This Fortress In My Heart Comes Crashing Down
[Telefilm: Glee] || Where Time Stands Still
[RP: Musica] || Alles Gute Kommt Von Unten
[RP: Calcio] || Make Me Your Radio, Turn Me Up When You Feel Low
[RP: X-Factor] || Cabin Pressure
[Telefilm: Glee] || Uptown Girl
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || Hold Your Breath And Count To Ten (Then Fall Apart And Start Again)
[Telefilm: Glee] || Temptation
[Telefilm: Glee] || Latte Macchiato Senza Zucchero
[Telefilm: Glee] || Tell Me Love Isn't True (It's Just Something That We Do)
[Telefilm: The Walking Dead] || No Hope For The Dead, No Rest For The Wicked
[RP: Musica] || La Mantide
[Telefilm: Glee] || Leonard Karofsky-Hummel Vs. The World
[Webcomic: Homestuck] || We Have All The Time In The World
[RP: Musica] || I Can't Hurt You Anymore
[RP: Musica] || All I Know Isn't Always The Truth
[RP: Musica] || Green Eyed Monster, vol. 2
[RP: Musica] || A Wound Unhealing
[RP: Musica] || Cosplay
[RP: Musica] || Remember
[RP: Musica] || The Way Things Go
[RP: Musica] || Principle Of Uncertainty
[RP: Musica] || Your Love Alone Is Not Enough
[RP: Musica] || When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Gets Going
[RP: Musica] || The Way He Loves Him
[RP: Musica] || Mein Revier
[RP: Musica] || Nie Wieder
[RP: Musica] || Backlash
[RP: Musica] || Heart In A Cage
[RP: Musica] || Ewige Nacht
[RP: Musica] || Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
[RP: Musica] || I'm An Outsider Outside Of Everything
[RP: Musica] || Hass
[RP: Musica] || Crash Into Me
[RP: Musica] || Unaware But Underlined
[RP: Musica] || Scritto Sul Corpo
[RP: Musica] || Typisch Ich
[RP: Musica] || Il Leone, La Strega E L'Armadio
[RP: Musica] || Schmetterlingseffekt
[RP: Musica] || Del Perché Bill Si Ritrovò A Dover Comprare Una Casa Nuova
[RP: Musica] || Washing Dishes
[RP: Musica] || Gorgeous Waves Of Sorrow
[RP: Musica] || I Will
[RP: Musica] || EXP +10%
[RP: Musica] || A Christmas Carol
[RP: Musica] || Staatsfeind Nr. 1
[RP: Musica] || One Step Closer
[RP: Musica] || Es Gibt Kein Wir
[RP: Musica] || Weird Carpet Thoughts On A Weirder Night
[RP: Musica] || Cure For The Itch
[RP: Musica] || The Hardest Part
[RP: Musica] || Foolish Games
[RP: Musica] || Set Adrift On Memory Bliss
[RP: Musica] || Pool Side Manners (Salutandotiaffogo)
[RP: Musica] || Samhain
[RP: Musica] || This Moment Is Eternity
[RP: Musica] || Foreplay
[RP: Musica] || Dieser Eine Wunsch
[RP: Musica] || Gegen Meinen Willen
[RP: Musica] || Ein Ganzer Mann
[RP: Musica] || Sleeping With Ghosts
[RP: Musica] || You Give Love A Bad Name
[RP: Musica] || Painkiller
[RP: Musica] || Teufelskreis
[RP: Musica] || I See Singing People
[RP: Musica] || Unfurl
[RP: Musica] || Invitation
[RP: Musica] || Verräter
[RP: Musica] || Natural Disaster
[RP: Musica] || Chained To You
[RP: Musica] || Things You Shouldn't Say Nor Do
[RP: Musica] || Candygasm
[RP: Musica] || Affirmation
[RP: Musica] || Cliché
[RP: Musica] || Undead, Unwashed, Unholy
[RP: Musica] || Augenblick
[RP: Musica] || Gunning Down Romance
[RP: Musica] || Crash & Burn
[RP: Musica] || Any Way At All
[RP: Musica] || Wenn Ein Gangster Weint
[RP: Musica] || Und, Um...
[RP: Musica] || Lush (Hast Du Mut?)
[RP: Musica] || Bitte, Spring, Spring!
[RP: Musica] || The Point Is
[RP: Calcio] || Use Your Heart As A Weapon (And It Hurts Like Heaven)
[Telefilm: Glee] || The Cat Came Back
[RP: Musica] || Hitten
[RP: Musica] || Make Up All The Rules
[RP: Musica] || Liebeskette
[RP: Musica] || Das Labyrinth
[RP: Musica] || Instant Karma
[RP: Musica] || Licorice
[RP: Musica] || Il Lato Giusto Del Letto
[RP: Musica] || Wet Dream Walking
[RP: Musica] || Surprise!
[RP: Musica] || Clothes
[RP: Musica] || I Dolori Del Giovane Kaulitz
[RP: Musica] || Life Goes On
[RP: Musica] || Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime
[RP: Musica] || Durch Den Garstigkeit
[Telefilm: Glee] || It's In The Blazer, Baby
[Telefilm: Glee] || Acceptance Is The Key To Serenity
[Telefilm: Glee] || Cappuccetto Rosso Fragola
[Originali] || Acciaio Inox
[Telefilm: Glee] || Kiss With A Fist
[Telefilm: Glee] || Nothing Compares To You
[RP: Musica] || Forbidden Colours
[RP: Musica] || Totgeliebt
[RP: Musica] || La Favola Storta
[RP: Musica] || Hold On, Be Strong
[RP: Musica] || Angry Sex
[RP: Musica] || Ich Bin Nich' Ich
[RP: Musica] || You Oughta Know
[Originali] || You Give Me The Fever 'N' A Cold Sweat
[RP: Musica] || A Thrill That I Have Never Known
[Telefilm: Glee] || Your Heart Is An Empty Room
[RP: Musica] || Zerrissen
[RP: Musica] || The Astronaut Cat
[RP: Calcio] || Far Away From Now
[RP: Musica] || Irrtümlich
[RP: Musica] || Per Sempre Sacro
[Telefilm: Glee] || Horror House
[RP: Musica] || Jigsaw Memory
[RP: Musica] || Sucker
[RP: Musica] || Smile
[RP: Musica] || An Deiner Seite
[RP: Musica] || Miles Away Cristmas Special: Porn Is What We Aim For
[RP: Musica] || Il Fratello Ha Sempre Ragione
[RP: Musica] || Unendlichkeit
[RP: Storico] || Dieudonné
[Originali, RP: Calcio, RP: Grande Fratello] || Bring The Madness On
[RP: Attori] || Testo E Musica Di Eva
[RP: Giornalismo] || Derby D'Italia
[RP: Pattinaggio] || Your Tears Feel Warm As They Fall On My Forearm
[RP: Pattinaggio] || La Notte Delle Fate
[RP: Musica] || La Canzone Del Giovane Eroe
[RP: Musica] || Road Trip [in corso]
[RP: Musica] || Matt, Brian E Il Peluche A Forma Di Cane
[RP: Musica] || Baby-sitting
[RP: Storico] || Petali
[RP: Storico] || La memoria
[RP: Musica] || Fairytales Gone Bad [in corso]
[RP: Musica] || They Have Trapped Me In A Bottle
[RP: Musica] || Living With Your Boyfriend
[RP: Musica] || Monster
[RP: Musica] || King Of Kingz
[RP: Musica] || Blackened Blue Eyes
[RP: Musica] || Shot Through The Heart
[RP: Musica] || Fangirl In Da House
[RP: Musica] || How He Made Me A Weapon
[RP: Musica] || Training Day
[RP: Musica] || Magari Ci Entriamo In Tre
[RP: Musica] || Potremmo Provare In Tre
[RP: Musica] || Egal Was War
[RP: Musica] || Miles Away
[RP: Musica] || Water Temperature
[RP: X-Factor] || We Have Changed But We're Still The Same
[RP: X-Factor] || Problem Solving
[RP: Musica, RP: X-Factor] || Già Sentito Mille Volte
[RP: Musica] || Buckteeth
[RP: X-Factor] || Words Don't Come Easily
[RP: X-Factor] || Back To Square One
[RP: X-Factor] || The Sound Of Silence
[RP: Musica] || Mindless Self Indulgence
[RP: Musica] || I Wanna Have Your Babies
[RP: Musica] || Doppelgänger (Wide Awake On Sleepy Lust)
[RP: Musica] || Si Dice "Eroismo", Idiota
[RP: Musica] || Your Pidgeon And The Damage Done
[RP: Grande Fratello] || Don't Dream, It's Over
[RP: Grande Fratello] || That's The End, That's The Start Of It
[RP: Grande Fratello] || Stripped To The Core
[RP: Grande Fratello] || Back And Forth And Here And Gone
[RP: Grande Fratello] || I Won't Say I'm In Love
[RP: Musica] || Lust And Lunacy
[RP: Grande Fratello] || Groping In The Dark
[RP: Calcio] || Sweet, Sweet, Sweet, Could You Taste It?
[RP: Calcio] || Just Breathe
[RP: Musica] || The Pickel Drama Queen
[RP: Calcio] || Another Gay Hospital Day
[RP: Musica] || Do The Talking
[RP: Calcio] || A Long, Long Winter
[RP: Calcio] || Easier Than The Truth
[RP: Calcio] || A Rush Of Blood To The Head
[RP: Calcio] || I'm Not A Man Of Too Many Faces // The Mask I Wear Is One
[RP: Calcio] || Hate This And I'll Love You
[RP: Calcio] || One Of A Kind
[RP: Calcio] || Home Is A Place Where I Yearn To Belong
[RP: Musica] || Shackle Free
[RP: Calcio] || Jealousy, You Got Me Somehow
[RP: Calcio] || You Stole The Sun Straight From My Heart
[RP: Calcio] || Meet Me Halfway
[RP: Musica] || Showbiz
[RP: Musica] || Quando L'Amore Brucia I Neuroni
[RP: Calcio] || Drowning In Silence
[RP: Calcio] || Comeback
[RP: Calcio] || Have The Guts
[RP: Calcio] || Voglia
[RP: Calcio] || Doll
[RP: Calcio] || Love Will Come Through
[RP: Calcio] || Nessun Rimpianto
[RP: Calcio] || Gloves
[RP: Calcio] || Questione di attese
[RP: Calcio] || Disincanto
[RP: Calcio] || This Will Tell You I Was There
[RP: Calcio] || Love Is Our Resistance
[RP: Calcio] || Tourniquet
[RP: Calcio] || Negrita
[RP: Calcio] || Bound And Restricted
[RP: Calcio] || Traidor
[RP: Calcio] || The Unsaid
[RP: Calcio] || Payback
[RP: Calcio] || See You Next Summer
[RP: Calcio] || Memento
[RP: Calcio] || I Can't Even Convince Myself
[RP: Calcio] || Missing Moment
[RP: Calcio] || The Last Goodbye
[RP: Calcio] || After Wisdom Comes Wit
[RP: Calcio] || Getting Tired Of Starting Again Somewhere New
[RP: Calcio] || We Don't Fight Fair
[RP: Calcio] || The End Is The Beginning Is The End
[RP: Calcio] || Yes I Say Yes I Will Yes
[RP: Calcio] || God, And After God, Me
[RP: Calcio] || (Un)Resolved Sexual Tension
[RP: Calcio] || I Was Once Like You Are Now // And I Know That It's Not Easy
[RP: Calcio] || Never Try To Gauge Temperature // When You Tend To Travel At Such Speed
[RP: Calcio] || Don't Try To Fix Me // I'm Not Broken
[RP: Calcio] || Pepissea
[RP: Calcio] || Abuso Di Potere
[RP: Calcio] || No Excuses
[RP: Calcio] || Paradise Comes At A Price That I Am Not Prepared To Pay
[RP: Calcio] || A Helping Hand
[RP: Calcio] || L'Innocenza E' Negli Occhi Di Chi Guarda
[RP: Calcio] || Underage
[RP: Calcio] || Magnificent
[RP: Tuffi] || A Merry Christmas
[RP: Tuffi] || Nuvole E Lenzuola
[RP: Calcio] || Special Needs
[RP: Calcio] || To Define Is To Limit
[RP: Calcio] || As The World Turns // Change The World
[RP: Calcio] || Love And Other Moments // Are Just Chemical Reactions
[RP: Calcio] || You Caught Me Up // I'm Caught Up In You
[RP: Calcio] || Where Do I Go To Fall From Grace // God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
[RP: Calcio] || When You're In Love // There Is No Way On Earth To Hide It
[RP: Calcio] || Once The Stone You're Crawling Under // Is Lifted Off Your Shoulders
[RP: Calcio] || La Casa Non Perde // La Casa Nasconde
[RP: Calcio] || Don't Be Scared // Of Your Shadow
[RP: Calcio] || Away From The Dark // The Dark Inside
[RP: Calcio] || Sabes Que A Donde Vayas Voy
[RP: Calcio] || Bloodsport
[RP: Calcio] || Celebration
[RP: Calcio] || Sudden Sense Of Urgency
[RP: Calcio] || In Cinque Minuti
[RP: Calcio] || Mario Is Alright With This
[RP: Calcio] || Sleeptalker
[RP: Calcio] || Stuck In Square One
[RP: Calcio] || Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
[RP: Calcio] || Let's Pretend It Didn't Hurt
[RP: Calcio] || Deep As A Scar
[RP: Calcio] || Daydream Believer
[RP: Calcio] || Royal Blue
[RP: Calcio] || Little Lion Man
[RP: Calcio] || Sigh No More
[RP: Calcio] || Lucky
[RP: Calcio] || Ouch
[RP: Calcio] || You Left The Sweetest Taste In My Mouth
[RP: Calcio] || Say It Right, Say It All
[RP: Calcio] || Gentle Breeze
[RP: Calcio] || Time's Irrelevant, It's Not Linear
[RP: Calcio] || Romance The Spark And You'll Shine Shine Shine
[RP: Calcio] || Necktie
[RP: Calcio] || Teasing To Please
[RP: Calcio] || Hold The Line
[RP: Calcio] || Holding Time In Our Own Hands
[RP: Calcio] || Practice Makes Perfect
[RP: Calcio] || Liftin' Me Up To Heaven, Just To Drop Me Down The Line
[RP: Calcio] || Words, Like Violence, Break The Silence
[RP: Calcio] || Dry Humping
[RP: Calcio] || Carry My Joy On The Left // Carry My Pain On The Right
[RP: Calcio] || And My Head Told My Heart "Let Love Grow" // But My Heart Told My Head "This Time No"
[RP: Calcio] || Come Impedir Che Corra Il Fiume Al Mare
[RP: Calcio] || Win Some Or Learn Some
[RP: Calcio] || I Belong To You (Mon Cœur S'Ouvre À Ta Voix)
[RP: Calcio] || It Smells Like Heaven In This Place
[RP: Calcio] || No Happy Ending
[RP: Calcio] || Io Non Ho Paura
[RP: Calcio] || And Justice For All
[RP: Calcio] || Il Silenzio E' D'oro
[RP: Calcio] || Tryin' To Hold The Wind
[RP: Calcio] || Numerodieci
[RP: Calcio] || Le Cœur En Flammes
[RP: Calcio] || Dogsitter
[RP: Calcio] || Who's Going To Get Married
[RP: Calcio] || Who's Living Upstairs
[RP: Calcio] || Who's Returned From The Dead
[RP: Calcio] || Eleven's A Crowd
[RP: Calcio] || Caught A Lite Sneeze
[RP: Calcio] || New Colors To Paint The World
[RP: Calcio] || Puppet On A Lonely String
[RP: Calcio] || Calm Down
[RP: Calcio] || Lies, Lies
[RP: Calcio] || Quattro E Cinquanta
[RP: Calcio] || Baby When It's Love If It's Not Rough It Isn't Fun
[RP: Calcio] || You Drive Me Crazy
[RP: Calcio] || Crybaby
[RP: Calcio] || Unbreakable
[RP: Musica] || Fieber, Schweiβ Und Wehrheit
[RP: Attori, Telefilm: Glee] || Parallel Lines, Separate Lives
[RP: Calcio] || Love Is Only A Feeling
[Telefilm: Glee] || On/Off
[RP: Calcio] || In This Ever Changing Time, Love Will Never Change
[RP: Calcio] || Flying At The Speed Of Sound
[RP: Calcio] || Now Close Your Eyes And Say Goodnight
[RP: Musica] || Make-Up For Boys
[Videogame: FFXII] || White Roses On A Grave
[Telefilm: Glee] || Extraordinarily Ordinary
[Telefilm: Glee] || Rosso Candido
[RP: Attori] || We Could Have Had It All
[Telefilm: Glee] || The Best Way To Reach A Boy's Heart (Is Through His Boyfriend's Ass)
[RP: Calcio] || Piccole Pesti Perfide E Maligne
[Telefilm: Glee] || Harder Better Faster Stronger
[Telefilm: Glee] || Schedule Is Out (We're All Going To Die) - Take I
[RP: Attori] || A Birtday Present (That Invitation Is All I'm Waiting On)
[RP: Musica] || Four Letter Word
[Telefilm: Glee] || Sliding Doors
[Telefilm: Glee] || A Rainbow In The Dark
[RP: Calcio] || (Like A) Rose (In The) Wind
[RP: Attori] || Over And Over
[RP: Giornalismo] || Know-How
[Telefilm: Glee] || Cinque Volte In Cui Dave E' Andato A Casa Di Santana (Ed Una In Cui E' Rimasto Per La Notte)
[RP: Calcio] || Ius Primae Noctis
[RP: Calcio] || You'd Start A Fight In An Empty House
[Telefilm: Squadra Antimafia - Palermo Oggi] || You Set The World On Fire
[Telefilm: Squadra Antimafia - Palermo Oggi] || Two Quarters And A Heart Down
[Telefilm: Glee] || Give Me The Key To Unlock You
[Originali] || Antoine E Melanie
[RP: Famiglie Reali] || Landslide
[Animanga: Evangelion] || Fly Around In Circles
[Telefilm: Glee] || You May Say I'm A Dreamer
[RP: Personaggi Televisivi] || Fallin' Off The Page
[RP: Calcio] || I Guess I'll Have To Settle For A Few Brief Moments
[Originali] || Riddles Of The Heart
[RP: Calcio] || No Giving Up When You're Young And You Want Some
[Fumetti: Dylan Dog] || The End Of The World As We Know It
[Telefilm: Romanzo Criminale] || Così E' Deciso, L'Udienza E' Tolta
[RP: Calcio] || You See Right Thru Me (How Do You Do That Shit?)
[Telefilm: Romanzo Criminale] || In Comodato D'Uso
[Telefilm: Distretto Di Polizia] || Playing House In The Ruins Of Us
[RP: Attori] || Moving Through Me (Like Sand In The Sea)
[Originali] || There's A World Of Shiny People - But Only Somewhere Else
[Telefilm: Glee] || Closer To The Heart
[RP: Attori] || Kiss On The Lips (Of The Apocalypse)
[Originali] || It's Over, It's Under
[RP: Musica] || Desperate Angel (Got No Wings To Fly)
[Film: The Fighter] || Family Ties
[RP: Musica] || Love Is Noise
[Originali] || Turning Midnight Into Daydreams
[RP: Calcio] || Be Careful How The Small Things Grow
[Libri: Romanzo Criminale] || I'm Home, But I'm Miles Away
[Originali] || Forever Stopped Today
[RP: Attori] || Tu Mi Hai Insegnato Il Sogno (Io Voglio La Realtà)
[RP: Calcio] || L'Amore Ai Tempi Della Guerra
[RP: Calcio] || And The Rain Keeps Falling On Your Lies
[Originali] || A Heart That Hurts Is A Heart That Works
[Telefilm: Romanzo Criminale] || Devotion (Take Me To Safety)
[RP: Musica] || Family Issues
[RP: Attori] || Rome Wasn't Built In A Day
[RP: Musica] || There Won't Be A Dry Eye In The House Tonight
[RP: Musica] || Der Chef
[Telefilm: Romanzo Criminale] || Ghost
[RP: Calcio] || Puro Come Una Lacrima
[RP: Musica] || Martyr
[Telefilm: Romanzo Criminale] || The Great Compromise
[RP: Calcio] || I Tried To Be Chill But You're So Hot That I Melted
[Telefilm: Romanzo Criminale] || Body And Soul Are Blown Un In Pieces
[RP: Musica] || The Land Down Under
[RP: Calcio] || L'Amore Va Veloce E Tu Stai Indietro
[Telefilm: Romanzo Criminale] || Talk To My Troubled Brain
[RP: Musica] || L'Increscioso Caso Dei Pantaloni Di Pelle (A Mezzanotte)
[Telefilm: Romanzo Criminale] || Cruel To Be Kind (Means That I Love You)
[RP: Attori] || Jealousy's The Cousin Of Greed
[Telefilm: Glee] || Pour A Daydream In A Cup (A Spoon Of Sugar Sweetens Up)
[RP: Musica] || Natural Disaster II
[Telefilm: Romanzo Criminale] || Perfect
[Telefilm: Romanzo Criminale] || Where My Mouth Is
[Telefilm: Romanzo Criminale] || This Scene Is Dead
[Telefilm: Romanzo Criminale] || Underneath Your Clothes
[Telefilm: Romanzo Criminale] || Me And The Moon
[Telefilm: Romanzo Criminale] || Do You Like It
[Telefilm: Romanzo Criminale] || Catholic Knees
[RP: Calcio] || Rewind
[Telefilm: Romanzo Criminale] || We Were So Close (To Being Close)
[RP: Musica] || A Beautiful Lie
[RP: Calcio] || Philosophy Of Space And Time
[Originali] || Walletsworth
[Telefilm: Romanzo Criminale] || I'm The Fool
[Telefilm: Romanzo Criminale] || For The Price Of A Cup Of Tea
[Telefilm: Romanzo Criminale] || We Are The Sleepyheads
[Telefilm: Romanzo Criminale] || All I've Got To Do
[RP: Musica] || Will You Release Me With A Kiss?
[Telefilm: Glee] || We're Fucked Up Like That
[RP: Musica] || E Il Giorno In Cui Sono Risorto
[RP: Musica] || Starchildren
[RP: Musica] || Ayo, I'm Tired Of Using Technology
[RP: Calcio] || Via Le Mani Dagli Occhi
[RP: Musica] || The Pros And Cons Of Gorgonzola Cheese
[RP: Musica] || Long Road To Ruin
[RP: Musica] || The Wizard (The Almost True Story Of A Necklace Pick)
[RP: Musica] || Alien-Shaped Cake
[RP: Musica] || Escape
[RP: Musica] || Il Giorno In Cui Sono Morto
[RP: Calcio] || Narcotic
[RP: Musica] || Everything I Own
[RP: Calcio] || Saudade
[RP: Calcio] || Some Way Back To Love And Only Love
[Originali] || Omega Weapon E' Mio Fratello
[RP: Musica] || Schrei So Laut Du Kannst
[RP: Musica] || Don't Call My Name
[RP: Musica] || No Limits
[RP: Musica] || Maybe It's Wrong To Say Please Love Me Too
[RP: Musica] || Worth Fighting For
[Animanga: Sailor Moon] || Love To See You Cry
[RP: Calcio] || Wrapped Around Your Finger
[Animanga: FMA] || Close The Door
[RP: Calcio] || Unbalance
[RP: Calcio] || Talk To Me (Like Lovers Do)
[RP: Calcio] || Remember When I Moved In You
[RP: Musica] || Rawhide
[RP: Musica] || Frogstorm
[Originali] || Simple Kind Of Lovely
[RP: Musica] || Pointless Babbling
[RP: Musica] || Molto Bello
[RP: Musica] || Unfinished
[RP: Musica] || The Great Pretender
[RP: Musica] || Try Something Better
[RP: Musica] || Cupid's Chokehold
[RP: Musica] || Come Clean
[RP: Musica] || Zugunruhe
[RP: Musica] || Lost And Found
[RP: Musica] || Labyrinth
[RP: Musica] || The Ultimate Handstroke
[RP: Musica] || Slip Away
[RP: Musica] || Smile, Brian Is Taking Photos!!!
[RP: Musica] || Ask For Answers (Capra E Cavoli)
[RP: Musica] || Curtain Call
[RP: Musica] || Hotaru
[RP: Musica] || Replica
[RP: Musica] || A Matter Of A Brief Kiss
[RP: Musica] || Control
[RP: Musica] || Beautifully Broken
[RP: Musica] || Try And Run
[RP: Musica] || Pictures
[RP: Giornalismo] || Blue Velvet
[RP: Calcio] || Nothing Is Whole And Nothing Is Broken
[RP: Musica] || Alles Wird Gut
[RP: Calcio] || Post Blue
[RP: Musica] || Let Your Fingers Do The Walking
[RP: Musica] || A Sad-Eyed Lie
[Telefilm: Spartacus] || Hold On To Love
[Telefilm: Spartacus] || Sweet Child O' Mine
[Telefilm: Spartacus] || Sweet Dream (Or A Beautiful Nightmare)
[Telefilm: Spartacus] || Save Tonight
[Telefilm: Spartacus] || Soaked
[Telefilm: Spartacus] || Taste In Men
[Telefilm: Spartacus] || Unreal
[Telefilm: Spartacus] || Guilty
[Telefilm: Spartacus] || Desire
[Telefilm: Spartacus] || Why Ain't I Running?
[RP: Attori] || Nipples
[RP: Calcio] || Dream A Little Dream Of Me
[RP: Musica] || Chaosteorie
[RP: Calcio] || Getting Ready To Leave The Ground
[RP: Musica] || Lyrics And Lies
[RP: Musica] || La Metamorfosi
[RP: Musica] || Dettagli!
[RP: Calcio] || There's A Thin Line 'Tween The Dark Side And The Light Side
[RP: Musica] || My Unclean
[RP: Musica] || Forced In Marriage
[RP: Musica] || Spada Di Damocle
[RP: Musica] || Slowmotion Apocalypse
[RP: Musica] || This Is Not Going To Destroy Your World
[RP: Musica] || Pink Trolley's Got The Power!
[RP: Musica] || Shimmering
[RP: Musica] || Break The Circle
[RP: Musica] || A Little Respect
[Videogame: FFXII] || Lotus
[Animanga: Fate/Stay Night] || Bended Knees
[Animanga: Beck] || Strong Enough
[Film: Addio Mia Concubina] || Undici Anni
[Animanga: Yu Yu Hakusho] || Platonic Sex
[Libri: Harry Potter] || Davanti Ad Un Tramonto Estivo
[Animanga: Alexander] || Carne Bianca
[Animanga: Sailor Moon] || La Parabola Del Migliore Amico
[Animanga: Karekano] || Sensualità Color Pesca
[Animanga: Il Castello Errante di Howl] || Prurito
[Animanga: Wolf's Rain] || Rakuen
[Animanga: Skyhigh] || La Morte 9: La Vendetta
[Animanga: Cuori Colpiti] || Slefish
[Telefilm: Buffy TVS] || Prescindendo Da Te
[Film: Addio Mia Concubina] || Piazza Grande
[Telefilm: Paso Adelante] || Burn
[Animanga: Maze] || Dal Profondo Del Cuore
[Animanga: Hanakimi] || Evidenza
[Animanga: Trigun] || La Tua Voce Mi Cambia
[RP: Attori] || Making Something Out Of Nothing
[RP: Calcio] || Take A Bite Of Me (Show Me Your Teeth)
[Animanga: Beyblade] || Improvviso
[Libri: NP] || Seaside
[Animanga: Cowboy Bebop] || Past Is Gone
[Libri: NP] || Ninety-Eight
[Animanga: I''s] || Like Children
[Animanga: Mononoke Hime] || The Power Of Love
[Animanga: Slam Dunk] || United Stars
[Animanga: CCS] || It's Just An Act!
[Videogame: FFVIII] || Somebody New
[Animanga: Yu Yu Hakusho] || No Man No Cry (Everything's Gonna Be Alright)
[Videogame: Metal Gear Solid] || Signor Presidente...
[Animanga: Da! Da! Da!] || Back To Home
[Animanga: Crossover] || Fanfiction Megcrossover
[Telefilm: Numb3rs] || Ask For Answers
[Telefilm: Numb3rs] || Guiding Light
[Telefilm: Numb3rs] || Undisclosed Desires
[Telefilm: Numb3rs] || Cicatrice
[Telefilm: Numb3rs] || Never Taste It
[RP: Calcio] || Princesa
[Animanga: Inuyasha] || Seeing Red
[Animanga: Inuyasha] || Setsujitsuni
[Animanga: Inuyasha] || My Love For You
[Animanga: Inuyasha] || I Still Follow
[Animanga: X] || La Danza Degli Angeli
[Animanga: X] || Pretty Piece Of Memory
[Animanga: X] || E Mi Attacco Alle Stelle
[Animanga: X] || Onirica
[Animanga: X] || Noi
[Animanga: X] || Indesiderato Cedimento
[Animanga: Kodocha] || La Descrizione Di Un Attimo
[Animanga: Kodocha] || Hell Is For Children
[Animanga: Kodocha] || Slave To Love
[Animanga: Kodocha] || Many Ways
[Animanga: Kodocha] || Back To Reality
[Animanga: Kodocha] || Wishing You
[Telefilm: QaF (US)] || Simple & Clean
[Telefilm: QaF (US)] || Dear Ex-Boyfriend...
[Telefilm: QaF (US)] || Breaking Glasses
[Telefilm: QaF (US)] || Fresie
[Telefilm: QaF (US)] || Can't Seem To Recognize (Who Is This Man I see?)
[Telefilm: QaF (US)] || Surrender
[Telefilm: QaF (US)] || The Two Of Me
[Telefilm: QaF (US)] || Need Not
[Telefilm: QaF (US)] || Outing
[RP: Tuffi] || Una Casa Alla Fine Del Mondo
[RP: Calcio] || The Last Goodbye
[RP: Calcio] || I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
[Animanga: FMA] || Sinestesia
[Animanga: FMA] || Scambio Equivalente
[Animanga: FMA] || Groundless
[Animanga: FMA] || The Gifted One
[Animanga: FMA] || The Topping One
[Animanga: FMA] || I Swear
[Animanga: FMA] || Policy Of Truth (ObbligoVerità - Teasing To Please)
[Animanga: FMA] || Personal Jesus (Redemption)
[Animanga: FMA] || Clean (Kyoudai - Moonlight Sonata)
[Animanga: FMA] || Blue Dress (The Wedding Dress)
[Animanga: FMA] || Your Door
[Animanga: FMA] || Vantaggio
[Animanga: FMA] || Direzione Riza
[Animanga: FMA] || Macedonia
[RP: Calcio] || Can't Keep My Eyes Off You
[RP: Calcio] || Mirror Of Myself
[Animanga: Evangelion] || Holding Hands 2
[Animanga: Evangelion] || Five Shades Of White
[Animanga: Evangelion] || Teorema
[Animanga: Evangelion] || Amnesia
[Animanga: Evangelion] || E Ti Ricordo Ancora
[Animanga: Evangelion] || Mai Nata
[Animanga: Evangelion] || One Love
[Animanga: Evangelion] || My Soul
[Animanga: Evangelion] || I Wish You Were Here
[Originali] || Erase And Rewind
[Originali] || One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
[Originali] || Caution, A Virus Has Been Detected
[Originali] || At The End Of The World (Or The Last Thing I See)
[Originali] || Era Estate, Pioveva
[Originali] || Instant Karma's Gonna Kill You
[Originali] || Nothing Else Matters
[Originali] || Disregard
[Originali] || Benjamin
[Originali] || Dead Sound
[Originali] || Acronimo
[Originali] || La Terza Metà
[Originali] || Ipercarina
[Originali] || Parliamone
[Originali] || Mi Presenti Un Ragazzo?
[Originali] || Distonica
[Originali] || Crime
[Originali] || Exactly What I Need
[Originali] || Malaluna
[Originali] || All's About Sex
[Originali] || Just Trying To Fix You
[Originali] || Fuoco Sulla Collina
[Originali] || The Sweetest Thing
[Originali] || Love Oneself
[Originali] || Chances
[Originali] || Bianco Fantasma
[Originali] || Agognata Sera
[Originali] || Absolution
[Originali] || A Mio Figlio
[Originali] || Smania
[Originali] || L'Opera
[Originali] || Il Favore
[Originali] || Brividi
[Originali] || That Strange Thing About Us
[Originali] || Bravehearts
[Originali] || Non T’Intoni Col Colore Dei Miei Capelli
[Originali] || Nobili Principesse E Coraggiosi Cavalieri
[Originali] || Lose My Breath
[Originali] || La Sposa
[Originali] || Gravity Of Love
[Originali] || La Rossa E La Mora
[Originali] || Dichiarazione D'Amore
[Originali] || Darling
[Originali] || Tutto Sommato
[Originali] || Braciere
[Originali] || In The Dark
[Originali] || Desiderio Estivo
[Originali] || E Se Ti Chiedessi Un Bacio?
[Originali] || Meant To Live For So Much More
[Originali] || Maledetti
[Originali] || Stories Of Life
[Originali] || Reminiscenze
[Originali] || Può Finire
[Originali] || Cancello Una Lacrima
[Originali] || Attraverso Le Foglie
[Originali] || Momento Congelato
[Originali] || Leggenda Di Natale
[Originali] || Cemento
[Originali] || Occhi Nel Sole
[Originali] || Bolla Di Vetro
[Originali] || Neverending
[Originali] || Wandering
[Originali] || Per Noia
[Originali] || Afiz
[Animanga: Kodocha] || Brothers...?
[RP: Calcio] || Crushed, Cold And Confused
[Animanga: Kodocha] || Grazie ad una cintura nera
[RP: Tuffi] || Handle with Care