Storia facente parte del Leoverse.
Genere: Erotico, Introspettivo, Romantico.
Pairing: Blaine/OC.
Rating: NC-17.
- "The boy who opens the door for him when he rings the doorbell isn’t the same boy he shared an appropriately adolescent teary-eyed goodbye with before departing for Europe, not at all – he can’t be."
Note: Scritta per la terza settimana del COW-T #6, su prompt "scossa". Inteso in senso metaforico, ovviamente, non ci sono terremoti fisici, solo quello erotico-emotivo di Blaine che sta via qualche mese, poi torna a Lima e quando lo fa Leo è UN UOMO.
All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. Original characters and plots are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any previously copyrighted material. No copyright infringement is intended.

The boy who opens the door for him when he rings the doorbell isn’t the same boy he shared an appropriately adolescent teary-eyed goodbye with before departing for Europe, not at all – he can’t be. Blaine’s been gone for just a little over six months, but Leo’s undergone such a transformation he seems a butterfly finally out of its chrysalis, a completely different human being, though resembling the tiny one he left home six months ago, something almost entirely new. He’s grown taller, his skin looks darker, summer clearly took its toll over the usual winter whiteness of his skin, and he looks like an army of tiny people’s been working at him for nights on end to build him stronger, literally adding layers upon layers of muscles and hard bones on him, to help him go through the change, grow out of his child self and into his man self.

“Blaine…” Leo whispers under his breath, staring at him from the threshold. Then his whole face lightens up with one of those big, big smiles Blaine’s got accustomed to over the years, and for a second he’s the very same boy he left in spring, and he can’t help but smile too.

“Kid,” he says, dropping the bag on the floor to open his arms.

“Blaine!” Leo yells, flying into his embrace. Jesus, he’s grown. He’s as tall as Blaine himself, now, perhaps even half an inch more so, dreadful thought Blaine doesn’t even want to entertain, and not because he feels somehow diminished by Leo outgrowing him, but simply because it gives him quite a precise idea of how much time has passed since he saw him last, and this makes his heart throb painfully if he really thinks about it.

He hugs him tight, Leo’s new frame magically fitting between his arms just as perfectly as his old frame did. “Kid, what ever did they do to you?” he asks chuckling, and Leo backs off, glancing confusedly at him.

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve grown so much,” he says, and takes advantage of his being a couple steps away now to watch him fully from up close. He’s not just taller than he was when he left him, he’s bigger. He remembers how thin his arms were before he left, how he could wrap his whole hand around Leo’s slim wrist and how his fingers would touch when he did that. It suddenly hits him, the thought dawning on him with such clarity he feels stupid for not thinking about it straight away. “Have you been going to the gym?”

Leo suddenly blushes, walking backwards into the house to leave him room enough to come in, which Blaine promptly does, carrying his bag with and shutting the door the moment he’s past it. “It’s Adam…” Leo explains, refusing to look at him, “With school and the job and the extra-curricular activities we’re spending way less time together, so…”

“Wait, you have a job?” Blaine asks in half a laughter. Seems like more than just his appearance has changed in the last few months. The lazy teenager he knew back then wouldn’t have lifted a finger to work for all the money in the world.

“Yeah, you know, this,” he says, opening his arms to include all that’s surrounding him, “Isn’t gonna pay for itself.”

“Your parents are making you pay for all this?” Blaine laughs, actually amused at the idea. Something must’ve changed in Kurt too, if he’s letting his baby bird fly out all on his own without even paying for a pair of prosthetic wings, so to speak.

“Yeah,” Leo gestures vaguely, “They say it’s not like I moved to New York for college, this is still Lima, Ohio, and Adam and I could stay home, if we wanted, and attend classes easily. They say this is not really necessary, living near campus, I mean, and so if I really want something unnecessary so bad, I have to work for it.”

“Tough love,” Blaine says, shaking his head, “Preposterous. I don’t believe in tough love.”

“Says the man who usually gives me the cold shoulder whenever I do something he doesn’t like.”

“That’s entirely different,” Blaine chuckles, “I’m trying to educate you.”

“And they aren’t?”

“The fact that I have to do it clearly means they’re not doing a good job, don’t you think?”

“Shut up!” Leo laughs, crossing his arms over his chest, “Sometimes I think they’re right hating you.”

“They most definitely are,” Blaine nods and then sits down on the couch, gesturing for Leo to do the same. He seems a little wary, at first, as if he was wandering what could he do as opposed to what would be inappropriate for him to do after all this time past since they last saw each other.

It’s a short battle, and hunger wins it. In a matter of seconds, Leo’s straddling him on the couch, his long, long legs making the whole thing tragically uneasy for a few horrible seconds that get watered down right away by the blissful feeling of his lips pressing against Blaine’s, of the wet kiss they share when they settle, of the warm hug they find themselves trapped in even after the kiss is over.

Blaine smiles, kissing him on his forehead, speaking against the soft, blackberry-scented mass of his black curly hair. “So you’ve got a job.”

“Yep,” Leo says, hiding his face against Blaine’s neck and rubbing his nose against his skin over and over, “As the charming waiter, mostly.”

“Excuse me?” Blaine asks in a soft chuckle.

“Yeah,” Leo chuckles too, “Adam and I, we’re both working at the same café. He’s there now, he works when I don’t and vice-versa. Anyway, the owner said we were good looking enough that we had to play the charming waiter part. You know, inviting people in and suggesting them to take the most expensive shit and so on.”

“That sounds quite sketchy, if not flat out illegal,” Blaine laughs.

“What people do for a living,” Leo shrugs.

“And when you’re both free, then there’s the gym.”

“Yeah…” Leo sighs, clinging to him a little, “I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like it, actually I feel better than I ever felt before, it’s like I don’t have to make an effort at doing anything ‘cause I never get tired and shit, but— I mean…”

“What?” Blaine chuckles, searching for his eyes, “What is it?”

Leo looks at him for a second and then looks away again, embarrassed. “I was a little scared you wouldn’t like me anymore.”

Blaine opens his eyes wide, blinking in complete shock. “Excuse me?”

“Yeah…” Leo shrugs again, “Because I’m so different, now.”

“Leo, are you serious?” Blaine can’t help but laugh again, as he moves closer and kisses him on his lips, “Please,” he says in between kisses, “You’re, like, the sexiest you’ve ever been.”

“But I don’t look like a kid anymore,” Leo mutters, Blaine’s kisses melting him already.

“And, as I told you countless times, I’ve never liked kids.”

“So you didn’t like me before.”

“Stop with this nonsense,” Blaine chuckles, “I liked you because it was you, but I don’t have a kid kink. Believe me,” he says, running his tongue over his lips, “I’ve never felt more like ravaging you than I do now.”

Surprisingly, Leo doesn’t blush. Blaine was expecting him to, but he doesn’t. Instead, his eyes turn a darker shade of blue, and start shining of a new, mysterious light Blaine has never seen before.

Definitely the way he looks is not the only thing that changed about him.

“Then what are you waiting for?” he asks invitingly. There’s something tempting and enticing in this voice so low, something that makes it hard for Blaine to hold himself back. It’s not easy to come back after all this time, distance makes them uncomfortable, makes them retreat, makes intimacy harder to achieve, but it’s absolute magic the way their connection’s always able to withstand this, the way they stretch it and then expect it to bounce back in perfect shape like a spring.

Blaine reaches out for him, bringing him in for a hug. He wraps his arms around his waist, reveling in how much thicker it feels, how distinctly he can detect the muscles right underneath his skin. He pulls up Leo’s t-shirt and where there were only hipbones and the soft curve of his belly before there’s an inviting, firm belt of muscles now, leading Blaine’s eyes’ way down to his crotch. “Good Lord,” he says, closing his hands around Leo’s waist to pull him up, making him stand on his knees so he’s at an appropriate height for him to need only to bend over a little to kiss his chest, “Thank God for gyms. A gift to all gay men around the world.”

“I can assure you,” Leo smiles, his hand already lost in Blaine’s hair, pushing him down, “Girls appreciate too.”

Oh, Blaine thinks with a tiny smile that goes, thankfully, completely undetected, so that’s what changed. He’s started fucking around.

There will be time to ask about it, there will be time to let other people in again, but not right now. Right now, he wants to be alone with Leo and the gorgeous young man he became while he was looking away. That’s the only silver lining of having to look away, actually: that when he looks back Leo’s always more beautiful than the last time, and that he keeps falling for him more the longest he’s looked away. Time doesn’t have a meaning for them – if not as a device to make what they have even more precious.

“I appreciate more,” he says as he slides down on the pillows, settling right in front of his crotch. He looks back up at Leo from there, shivering in pleasure when he sees the knowledge of what he’s going to do arise in Leo’s eyes all of a sudden. “Take it out,” he says, and he has to hold a laughter in as he watches Leo hasten to unzip and push down his pants, letting his erection emerge free from his pants and underpants.

His cock seems to have changed too, somehow, it’s grown into shape better, it looks like a man’s cock, and Blaine’s mouth waters at the sight. He swallows and moistens his lips as he holds Leo’s erection in his hand only long enough as he needs to guide it into his own mouth. Then he lets it go, lets his lips and tongue take care of it, and when Leo starts to moan louder and thrust into his mouth Blaine lets him free to do it, without asking him to hold back.

“Blaine,” he says in a little whine, “If you keep going, I’m gonna come.”

The fact that Blaine doesn’t stop blowing him is signal enough that it’s not a problem if he does, and Leo understands it as he always understands what Blaine tells him during the mute conversations they always entertain when they’re having sex. There was a time in the beginning when Blaine needed to be very loud about what he wanted Leo to do, how he wanted him to move and so on, but that time’s been past for a while, now, and Leo always knows what Blaine wants soon enough, and Blaine doesn’t have to ask anymore.

Leo puts both hands on Blaine’s head, keeping it still as he thrusts inside his mouth. Blaine doesn’t even have to move, Leo’s doing all on his own, fucking his mouth more than he’s getting a blowjob done, and when he comes with a loud moan Blaine instantly grabs him by his hips not to make him pull away. He keeps him close, keeps him trapped in the warmth of his mouth, the head of his cock barely touching the back of his throat while he keeps the gag reflex at bay, and then Leo shoots and Blaine swallows, as naturally now that they haven’t met in six months as he’d do when they used to meet every day.

Leo collapses on the couch next to him, his legs all over the place, an arm brought over his face to cover his eyes. His forehead’s shining with perspiration and his lips are all red and swollen with kisses and bites. Blaine crawls over him as if following a primal instinct, and when Leo feels him he brings down the arm and looks at him, instantly offering his mouth for yet another kiss.

Blaine kisses him as he’s going to fuck him, hard and deep, pinning him down on the couch. Leo’s whole body rises for that promise, his cock hardening again almost instantly – thanks teenagers for that. He pulls his pants down blindly and then parts his legs right away, shamelessly offering himself for the taking. And there’s nothing Blaine wants more than taking him, so he pushes his pants down just enough to take his cock out and then guides it towards Leo’s opening, trying to force it open. He’s shut tight like the gates of heaven and this only makes Blaine want to fuck him harder.

“No boys?” he asks against his lips as he rubs his cock all over his opening, smearing pre-come on it.

“A few,” Leo answers confusedly, holding onto his shoulders and swinging his hips to try and take him in faster than Blaine’s planning for him to do, “But no one fucked me.”

“So I was the last,” Blaine says with a rough, deep voice, biting Leo’s lips and demanding another kiss.

Leo simply nods, and then moans louder, crossing his legs behind Blaine’s back, annoyed at his procrastinating. Just push it in, his body says eagerly, and Blaine decides to comply.

He thrusts just once, hard enough to pass through the tight ring of muscles and sheathe himself inside Leo’s body. Leo screams, sinking his nails into his shoulders while he blindly searches for something else to hold on to with his other hand. He ends up finding the back of the couch, and he sinks his nails in that too.

“Fuck,” he says with a shaky voice, a couple small tears born of sheer pain blooming discreetly at the corner of his eyes.

“You alright?” Blaine asks under his breath, kissing him all over his face.

“Fuck yes,” Leo answers with a deeper moan, before swinging his hips again, “Now move. Fuck me. Oh, God, fuck me hard as you can.”

He doesn’t really need to ask, but it’s nice to hear him talk like that, saying things young Leo would’ve never said, especially in broad daylight. There’s no trace of shame nor embarrassment in the way he moves and speaks, now, all that made him childish and unready has disappeared leaving a grown man behind. Unshackled and free, Leo moves wildly underneath him, taking him inside deeper than Blaine remembered he was able to do, asking him to move faster, to fuck him harder, to make him feel it.

He’s never heard him say anything like it, and he loves it. He loves that he’s so wild, he loves how missing him made him ready for him, ready to give all to him. When he comes, a few thrusts later, he makes sure to do it when he’s buried the deepest inside his body. He fills him up with his orgasm because it’s only fair that if Leo gave it all to him, he must do the same in exchange.

Afterwards, he lies on top of him, spent and weary, unable to move. They breathe off one another’s scent, and Blaine doesn’t ever want to leave. These passing moments are the most precious for him, the dearest to him. These passing moments in which leaving’s just a ghost, something that can’t be touched, that Blaine can despise, instead of being something he longs for, something he needs, even, to some extent.

He doesn’t want to think about it, not now. Leo’s breathing more slowly, now, and there’s the tiniest blissful smile on his face. Blaine wants to kiss him, and he does. Leo chuckles against his lips and kisses him back, wrapping his arms around his neck for a few cuddles. “Adam’s gonna be back in an hour or so,” he says, “Let’s keep it in mind if we don’t want him to kick us out the moment he walks in and sees us like that.”

“I’ll keep it in mind,” Blaine smiles, kissing him again. “Now,” he says, “These boys and girls you were talking about?”

There’s a shadow in Leo’s eyes, it lasts only a moment but it’s there. That enticing darkness’ gone entirely, that special glimmer’s off, but the shadow’s there, an old shadow Blaine’s already seen but doesn’t recognize. It fades away pretty soon, though, and Blaine decides to think maybe it was only embarrassment hitting at last, that his kid’s still his kid, after all, he’s allowed some kid things, every now and then.

Leo starts telling him about the boys and the girls, what he’s done with them, how he met them and how long it lasted. Blaine catches up with the six months he couldn’t spend with him, and pretends not to have ever gone away at all. He’s building a castle on top of a lie that’s just the thinnest layer of ice, he knows that. He only hopes, comes spring, it will melt instead of break down.
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