Libri: Cronache Dei Vampiri

Le nuove storie sono in alto.

Genere: Introspettivo.
Pairing: Louis/Lestat (kind of).
Rating: PG-13.
AVVISI: Gen, Angst.
- Louis keeps visiting Lestat in his old ramshackle house, night after night. Soon enough, Lestat starts anticipating those visits, as they become something more than that for both of them.
Note: Another reaction!fic, I suppose? XD Interview with the Vampire really touched me more than I can say, in way I can't properly explain, which is why I'm going to let my writing to the talking. I needed to write this after the way Louis and Lestat's story ended in the book -- and of course I needed to write it before I started to read The Vampire Lestat, so I did it. I hope you like it :)
PS: La storia partecipa anche alla seconda missione della seconda settimana del COW-T3, su prompt stivali.

Genere: Erotico, Introspettivo.
Pairing: Louis/Lestat.
Rating: R.
AVVISI: Slash, Lime, Bloodplay, Missing Moment, What If?.
- After Lestat comes back from killing the remaining members of the family of the two women Claudia killed and left to rot in their house's kitchen, Louis and him sit down on the couch, waiting for Claudia to be back to talk to her; and as Lestat gives in to the wine he sucked with the men's blood, they start a conversation that will have them openly talking about what they feel for each other for the first and possibly last time in their history together.
Note: First of all, I want to say I only just started reading Interview with the vampire. I plan on reading the whole Vampire Chronicles series, of course, but as of now I only read the first book (actually, a little bit more than half of it); nonetheless, when I read the few lines with which this story opens, I felt the need to write this little story, some sort of missing moment mixed with some kind of what if. I couldn't wait to get to the end of the book to write it, I was afraid the idea and the whole mood of it would fade away by the time I got there, so I apologize in advance for every characterization mistake that could come from my ignorance of the whole series of books.
That said, I really enjoying writing this. I don't usually write this way in English, and reading the Chronicles in their original language is really starting to help me out improving my writing skills. If you all could just enjoy this little thing half much as I did while writing it, I'd already consider it a triumph, so I hope you like it :)
(La fic filla la casellina #35 (Egoismo/Altruismo) della mia cartella della Maritombola #4.)