Fandom: Originali
Genere: Romantico, Avventura, Commedia.
Rating: PG-13.
AVVISI: Slash.
- Daniel is a Paladin and, together with his twin sister Madison, he roams the lands in search of people to hand, to build a name for himself, like his father did before him. When one day, after having disappeared for hours, Madison comes back to the camp bringing a mysterious kid that only seems able to speak through his mind, and only with her, at first Daniel is very wary, but he soon ends up understanding the potential of the challenge ahead of them.
Note: Collezione degli RP scritti con la mia dolce metà per il WRPG. Inizialmente abbiamo temuto per il peggio, perché il sorteggio aveva donato alla mia bella un personaggio con cui non credeva di poter cordialmente avere a che fare XD Ma in qualche modo, anche grazie alla creazione di Mel, l'elfo muto dei boschi, siamo riuscite a gestire la situazione egregiamente, e ci siamo anche affezionate a questi tre simpatici imbecilli <3 Chissà, forse un giorno scriveremo la storia in cui Daniel porta Mel a conoscere sua madre. Fino ad allora, cia' <3
All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. Original characters and plots are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any previously copyrighted material. No copyright infringement is intended.

[It's night-time, and the fire crackles chipper in the pit Daniel dug in the hard, dry earth of the plain. It's not the warmest of nights, but the fire manages to mitigate the cold air, and after a few minutes beside it Daniel isn't cold anymore. He takes off a few more pieces of his armor, putting them together with the rest, the heavier parts he took off first when he and Madison settled for the place, before she disappeared, refusing to tell him where she was going, or what she wanted to do. He caught a rabbit, skinned it, cleaned it, and now he's roasting it on the fire, waiting for his sister to come back.
She's been gone for almost four hours, already, and that's the longest they've been apart for the last ten years. Despite how annoying he usually finds her, it's weirdly upsetting not to have her around for such a long time. It almost never happens, not even when they're busy with other people for the night. They usually end up coming back to the room they were sharing to begin with, when they're done doing their thing. It's just an habit they have, since they're the only family they have around.
As he waits for the rabbit to be ready, he sometimes raises his gaze to look around, hoping to see her sister coming back, and whenever that doesn't happen he grows a little more worried, and a little more annoyed.
It takes him three times looking up before a dark shadow appears at the edge of the forest. In the darkness he can't make out the details, but he would recognize his twin's silhouette seeing even less of her. She's tall to be a woman and her clothes are so tightly wrapped around her body that they leave no doubt that she is indeed one, the outline of the blunderbluss in her hand and her knee-lenght braid make her unmistakable to him. That, and her loud voice.]

Madison: Did you make dinner? I'm hungry, and I'm not gonna starve just because you decided to play with yourself instead of roasting something. If I don't see a rabbit on that fire when I get there, I'm gonna eat you. The other meaning.

[As she comes closer, more details become visible, including that she's not alone. There's someone stumbling just behind her.]

Daniel: *He stands up from the spot he has been sitting up to now, waiting for her, and squints his eyes to try and understand who's coming along with his twin, even if it's almost impossible, since the night is dark and the proximity of the fire only makes it darker on the distance.* Madison...? Where the hell have you been?! Who's... Who's there?!

Madison: Yes, it's me. I've been around. I’m gonna tell you in a minute. Geez, I just got here, will you give me a break? *Then she turns to the figure who's with her, which is small and slender.* Go sit there, he won't bite.

Daniel: *Only then, as he walks away from his sister and closer to the fire, he's finally able to see the kid. It's impossible to determine if it's a boy or a girl, even when the fire is casting some light in that direction. The creature seems genderless, and also not a common human being.* The hell...? *He instantly turns towards his twin, frowning.* Madison. What did you do. *He crosses his arms over his chest and looks sternly at her.*

Madison: Why do you always instantly assume that I did something? That's very offensive. I didn't do anything, I regularly purchased him from a vendor at the market. *She shows him the leash, that is still attached to the collar around the creature's neck, by the way.* See? I've got a leash and a license. But that's in my bag, I'll show you later.

Daniel: You... *His arms drops by his sides* You purchased him?! Madison! How could you?! We didn't have that much money left! *He groans, sitting back by the fire and whining, annoyed.* We'll have to hit the city and cheat money out of drunkards again, won't we?

Madison: See? That's where you're wrong. I didn't spend a single coin... *She seems to think about it and then she tilts her head.* Except those for my new pair of boots. But again, I didn't spend a single coin on him. Let's say the vendor was inclined to accept payments in nature. *She sighs, looking in the distance.* And she was a price I was more than willing to pay. You would have liked her too, even with your horrid taste in women.

Daniel: What? *Turns to look at her and then frowns* No, I don't wanna know. In fact, I beg you not to tell me anything. Except who is this and why is it here!

Madison: But she was gorgeous, Dani. *She actually moves to sit next to him.* You simply want to know. You need it, for your own good. She had proper boobs, and with proper I mean champagne glass size, you know it's important to me. And she dropped her clothes before I could even say "Do you want me to pay in coin or tongue?"

Daniel: Please, stop. *He covers his ears with both hands, looking down.* Please. For the love of all that's sacred in the universe, Mads. Tell me about the kid. I beg you, tell me about the kid. Or better. *looks up towards said kid* Why don't you tell me about it? Who the hell are you and why the hell are you here? On a leash, to boot.

[The kid looks a little confused to be spoken to, and then he looks at Madison, who stands completely still and transfixed for a few second.]

Madison: *to the kid* I tell you, this thing is not working as it should. I feel all tingly in my head and I don't like it one bit. *to Daniel* Anyway, he's a dwarf or an elf, something like that. *she cringes* Right! There's no need to scream at me. He claims to be , and I quote, a spirit of the forest. His name is Mel. Well, it's way longer, but I can't prononuce it and there's no need for all those letters anyway. He doesn't speak... *cringing again in frustration.* Except in my head. That's how he asked me to save him.

Daniel: *He looks at his twin sister as if he had never seen her, as if he didn't know her at all. He blinks a couple of times in perfect silence, and for more than a few seconds the only sound that can be heard is that of the fire crackling in the pit.* Are you messing with me, Mads? *He's used to ask. Madison is often messing with him. She also usually admits it, when she is, since she knows, and Daniel knows she knows, that he's not exactly the brightest of minds*

Madison: No, I'm not! I'm telling you, that thing over there is speaking in my head, and he's got this little pre-teen voice, it's not pleasant at all... Stop screaming at me! Or I swear, I'm gonna put a bullet in your head before you have the chance to tell him about this great mission you were talking about.

Daniel: What?! What— Wait— Just wait a moment. *He stands up and starts pacing around the firepit. He needs to move, to collect his thought properly. He is more a man of action than he is a man of reason, and the second can never happen with him if the first isn't happening at the same time.* You're telling me that this— *he turns to point a finger to the kid* Is a spirit of the forest. And he's speaking in your head.

Madison: Yes. It's not that complicated, Dani.

Daniel: It is complicated, because it's impossible! *He turns towards the kid and closes the distance between them, kneeling in front of him, staring at him right in his eyes.* Speak.

[The kid looks at him. And frankly, he looks like he's patiently waiting for him to become smarter.]

Madison: He can't. I told you. It's a species limitation or something. They just growl at each other like bears... Okay! Right! They mimick words in their own language and read each other’s lips, but since we don't know their language, he can't do the same with us. *She sighs.* Daniel, do you think I'd have the time and will to put all this shit on? Why would I lie? Look at him! That robe he's got on is so yellow it could light up a room! Do you think I could buy something even remotely so painful to look at?

Daniel: In fact, I'm trying to understand why would you do something like that, and the only logical conclusion I was able to come up with up to now is that you must've liked the girl who sold it to you very, very much, and she probably took advantage of that! *groans* I can't believe you disappeared for hours, leaving me here on my own for... how long has this thing even been going on?!

Madison: Four hours. It took me approximately five minutes to get things going with the girl, but then we decided to renegotiate the price, I lowered, she went higher, until we found a position that would satisfy both of us. These things take time, you know? Anyway, he wants us to steal a stone for him.

Daniel: I didn't— For all the Gods, Madison! *He raises his voice, something he rarely does.* Look at me! You seriously expect me to believe you woke up this morning and decided to go shopping for a spirit of the forest who accidentally could talk only through you, speaking in your head?!

Madison: No! *She screams as much as he does, right in his face.* I was just walking through the market when he called me. And he's not easy to ignore, you know, I tried! I— *She stops and listens.* He says he can't talk to just anybody. You, for example, he can’t get through to you. Apparently I'm highly receptive. *She listens again.* He needs help.

Daniel: *That stops him. It's a keyword for him, and Madison, knowing him like the back of her hand, knows that. So, at first, he's not sure he believes her* Help? *frowns* With what?

Madison: *Listens to the kid again for a longer time.* His people have a sacred stone. They draw life force from it, and it has been stolen. *snorts* They are so messed up that he was their best shot to retrieve it, but he was captured and now everybody is gonna die.

[The kid nods with solemnity.]

Daniel: He was their best shot? *Looks at the kid, in disbelief.* But he doesn't look one day older than fourteen. Who would send a child like this on such an important mission?

Madison: *rolls her eyes* He says he looks like a human kid, but he's centuries old. *shrugs* Doesn't change much when you're 5'2 tall.

Daniel: *He's still not sure he can trust all this, but he has to admit this looks like a much too elaborate hoax to be, well, just an hoax. He walks back to the kid, kneeling in front of him once again, looking intently in his eyes.* Is all of this true? Do you really need help to save your kind?

[The kid nods, and then he looks at Madison.]

Madison: He says they don't have much time. He left a month ago, and they weren’t expected to live on more than two without the stone.

Daniel: *He doesn't look at his sister, at first, just at the kid. He's not that good judge of character, but he trusts his guts. His guts are telling him this is legit. He stands up, then, dusting his knees and walking back to Madison, sitting next to her* Alright. Then we have to go and save this lot.

Madison: Slow down, tiger. I might have had him for free, but we were still pretty poor last time I checked. I'm not moving my ass, if I don't get paid.

Daniel: We're not doing this for money. *Frowns, looking at her.* How many more times am I supposed to tell you? I am a Paladin, like our father before me. I need to go where I'm needed to be, and I am to save whoever is in grave peril. If the kid's folks are in grave peril, then we must go at once.

Madison: You are a Paladin and I'm not. Yet you eat just like me. *Pretends to be in awe* Biology is amazing, isn't it? *She takes the rabbit out of the fire and tears away one of the legs.* You want to follow your calling, you need weapons, food, clothes and armors that don't fall apart. You want all those things, you need money. You want money, he pays us.

Daniel: And what if he can't? *Points at the kid with his finger again.* He is nothing but a child and his people are dying. What if they don't have anything to pay us with, have you thought about that? Would you let them die?

Madison: Yes.

Daniel: *Frowns widely, crossing his arms over his chest in a stubborn pose* Well, I wouldn't! So I'm going, whether you're coming or not. *He turns to the kid and makes a great show out of kneeling in front of him, this time not simply to get closer to him and look at him in his eyes, but to pledge his allegiance. He takes one of the kid's hands into his own and bows, touching the back of his hand with his forehead* Young Master, I'm at your service. I will fight your fight, I will save your people.

[The kid blinks a couple of times and then looks at Madison.]

Madison: He's pledging his allegiance to you. No, it only means he's unnecessary cerimonial. *to Daniel* And how do you plan on communicating with him?

Daniel: *Turns to look at her, stubbornly* I will find a way!

Madison: That sounds like a real plan! Find a way, get lost in the wild wide world, cross your fingers and hope the magic fairy points the right direction at you! *shakes her head* Daniel, you can't go alone. You need back up, you know you do.

Daniel: Then you'll come with me. *Looks straight at her, and then smirks* Or you'll have my death on your conscience. I know it's not much of a conscience, but it's there, and my death would weigh on it. You know it would. I'm your only brother.

Madison: And I have to feed and buy bullets to protect you, Daniel! If it was for you, we would be running around saving any fucker who asks for help wearing only rags.

[That's when the kid stomps his feet on the ground, calling for them.]

Madison: Oh, now we're talking. *She turns towards her brother* They've got gold. They were going to give that gold to us. We can go.

Daniel: *Clicks his tongue, looking at the kid* I need no money or gold. You give it to her, if she wants it. I only live to serve. You, in this case. *Smiles charmingly at him. He still doesn't know if the kid is a boy or a girl, but to him it makes close to no difference at all. Besides, he learned from his father that it's his job as a Paladin to not only be, but also sound and act reliable and dashing in all situations. He’s not just a knight, he has to be a Champion, a Hero. Sure, not being the brightest mind proves that to be a bit challenging every now and then, but most of the times he manages.*

[The kid looks at him and the he smiles back shyly, blushing a little. Some of his thoughts are suddenly louder than others and perfectly readable.]

Madison: *rolls her eyes* Oh, Gods. It's gonna be a fun journey...

Daniel: What? *Turns towards his sister, curious.* Did he talk? What did he say?

Madison: Nothing, if we want you focused. *Nods towards the rabbit* Come on, eat your food, Paladin, and then go to sleep. I take first watch, I hate to be woken up to watch over you. And you... *she arches an eyebrow* Just think more quietly.

[Daniel sits back in front of the fire. Now that Madison is back and they sorted this whole thing out, he feels lighter, and he's hungry. He starts eating some of the rabbit, but every now and then his eyes fall upon the kid's strangely still figure. All wrapped up in that weird, out-of-time yellow robe, he looks so mysterious, like a riddle to crack. And Daniel finds himself smiling in anticipation of that.]

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